Webster Groves Stamp Club

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The Webster Grove Stamp Club is one of the oldest stamp clubs in the St. Louis, MO metropolitan area. It was founded in 1928. There are about 75 members.

We meet the 1st and 3rd Friday evenings each month at 8:00 PM at the First Congregational Church, 10 West Lockwood (parking access from Gore). See maps

Each meeting consists of an auction and a presentation by a member or invited guest. In the course of a year, there is something that appeals to everyone. 

Of the various clubs in the St. Louis area, Webster Groves attracts the most advanced collectors.

During COVID-19 Lockdowns

While the current emergency exists, meetings are conducted on Zoom at the regularly scheduled time. Paid members get an email with the specific meeting password.


Get the list for the next auction here; it is available as both an Excel download and a webpage.

To place bids for the upcoming sale, send your bid in email (this link pops up your email with the proper address) to  Your bids for the current sale should be sent by 15:00 Central Time (GMT-6) on the day before sale. Please include

Please Note: Your secretary only converts a spreadsheet to a web page and does not see the lots until the meeting.

If your bid is successful, you will be contacted immediately after the sale with instructions how to make payment and receive your lots. Only checks or cash are accepted.

Please While we will gladly accept floor bids from any visitors, mail bids are only accepted from members. Come visit us soon!

We are not an auction company and all volunteers!


March 6, 2020 “Railroads & Revenues” Don Woodworth
⭐⭕⭐ We are monitoring all channels on the COVID-19 virus situation.

From First Congregational Church:

All group activities using the church’s internal facilities have been put on hold until the county COVID curves show significant calming. As of 15 October, the curve trajectory was heading upwards again.

October 2 Keyplate Stamps Alan Barasch
October 16 World War I Cinderellas Tom Minor
November 6 Surprise Topic Nelson Laffey
November 20 TBD TBA
December 4 Revenues Grow on You Don Woodworth ♥
December 18 Holiday Party & Theme Hold cookies up to camera
January 1, 2021 New Year on Stamps Alan Barasch
January 15 Canceled due to Snow/Ice??
February 5 TBA TBA
February 19 TBA somebody not Alan
March 5 TBD Alan
March 19 TBD TBA
April 2 TBD TBA
April 16 Kumquats on Stamps Alan Barasch ♥
May 21 TBD TBA
June 4 TBD TBD
June 18 TBD TBD

 ⚫Notice to presenters: If you require a projector, special materials, or a computer, please advise the Secretary by clicking on the Webster link below. An email will pop up with address automatically.

For information about the or any other philatelic organizations in the St. Louis metro area, please drop us a line.

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